Young Adults Are More Llikely To Switch To LED Lights Than The Elderly

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A new survey commissioned by the lighting product manufacturer Osram Sylvania shows LED light bulbs gaining on CFLs as consumers increasingly buy them and find them preferable. When look closer at the efficiency and expected lifetime of the bulbs, LED performs much better compare to CFLs and those disappearing incandescent bulbs. Dating back to Thomas Edison, incandescent bulbs mostly produced heat instead of light. Over the last two decades, halogens and CFLs have improved the energy efficiency of bulbs. But they’re no match for LED technology. LEDs last up to 10 times longer than CFLs while providing the same amount of light. And, unlike other bulbs, LED bulbs put off only a small amount of heat and rarely break.

The U.S. government statistics put the annual cost of using a 9W LED light bulbs (equiv. to 60W incandescent bulbs) for 3 hours a day at US$1.02, compared to US$1.57 for a CFL and US$7.23 for an incandescent bulb. It all adds up, especially when you consider that LEDs are expected to last years longer than CFLs.

The survey also found interest in LED lights greater among those in the Millennial Generation, of whom 38% are likely to switch to the LED lights compared to 22% of those over 55 years old. There is every indication that young adults seem especially attracted to features of LEDs, including their ambiance, dimming capabilities and efficiency.
(Source: USA Today, Loveless: LED bulbs gain on CFLs in lighting market, June 2015.)