Worldwide LED lighting market value at $ 30bn in 2015

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According to a research report, the worldwide LED lighting market value in 2015 is estimated at nearly $30 billion, increasing YoY by 24.8% and taking up 27.2% of the 2015 global market value for all lighting products.

The research report indicated LED bulbs, light tubes (T5), projection lamps and street lamps are the 4 main categories of LED light product.

1. There will be 1.81 billion LED bulbs shipped worldwide in 2015, hiking YoY by 59.9% and taking up 13.9% of all light bulbs shipped in the year.

2. Global LED tube shipments in 2015 will reach 520 million units, growing YoY by 58.5% with a penetration rate of 13% of global shipments for all types of light tubes.

3. There will be 1.035 billion LED projection lamps shipped worldwide in 2015, with YoY growth of 56.3% and penetration of 23%.

4. Global LED streetlight shipments will rise YoY by 30.1% to 9.43 million units in 2015, taking up 11% of all streetlights shipped in 2015.