U.S. LED luminaire shipments exceed traditional in 2014 II

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2. T12 tube lights shipments grow in U.S. market

NEMA’s shipment index for T12 lamps bested the previous two quarters by advancing 8.6% from 2Q14 to 3Q14. In contrast, shipments of T5 and T8 lamps fell by 6.6% and 11.1%, respectively. All three indexes are in negative territory on a YoY basis for 2014 through 3Q14.

T12 lamps secured an increase in market share for the quarter posting a gain of 3.2% points to reach a share of 22.2 %. The share of T5 lamps was unchanged at 10%. Meanwhile, the market share for T8 lamps fell to 67.8%.

3. CFL shipment lags behind LED A-line lamps

NEMA’s index for CFL shipments registered a YoY decline of 14.5% in the 3Q14 despite a modest quarterly increase of 1.5%. For the first three quarters of 2014, the CFL index fell 13.1% compared to the same period in 2013. The shipments index for incandescent A-line lamps posted a decline of 62.9%. In contrast, shipments of LED A-line and halogen A-line lamps continued to rise, showing quarterly gains of 53.8% and 37.7%, respectively.

The proliferation of halogen A-line lamp shipments, and subsequent decline in shipments of incandescent A-line lamps, has resulted in an increase in market share for halogen A-line lamps. Halogen A-line lamps captured a share of 39.9% during the quarter, second only to CFLs, which continued to hold a narrow lead with a 41.1% share. The share of LED lamp shipments was 5.1%, an increase of 2% points. Incandescent A-line lamps fell about 20 points to a share of 13.6%.