U.S. LED luminaire shipments exceed traditional in 2014 I

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U.S. NEMA´╝łNational Electrical Manufacturers Association) Lighting Systems Index increased 1.9% from 2Q14 to 3Q14, increasing to its highest level to date in 2014. The index posted a gain of 4.1% on a YoY basis. Shipments of emergency LED lighting, fixtures, and miniature lamps improved during the 3Q14. However, ballast and large lamp shipments fell.

1. Traditional luminaires shipments fall

HID lamp shipments showed quarterly declines in 2/3rd lamp types. Sodium-vapor and mercury-vapor lamps declined 8.9% and 10.9%, respectively, from 2Q14 to 3Q14. Only the index for metal halide increased during the quarter, posting a modest gain of 2%.

Shipments of metal halide lamps increased 2.7 %age points to a share of 63.5% of the HID market. The market share for sodium vapor lamps slipped to 32.7%, a decline of 2.3% points. Mercury vapor lamps decreased by 0.4 points to a share of 3.8 %.