Top ten international LED lighting standards I

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Energy efficiency is becoming increasingly important in an energy-strapped world. LEDs are being recognized as the next generation green lights for its advantages in energy efficiency, environmental friendliness and long lifetimes. Countries are increasingly focused on the LED lighting industry, with many countries launching related regulations or standards. 1. 3C certification The 3C standard is a mandatory product certification system in China to protect consumer rights and safety. The products strengthen product quality management, and implement a legal product evaluation system. The 3C standards aim to bring a unified product index, standard, technology regulations, evaluation protocol, standard label, and cost system to the Chinese market. This will provide a solution to China’s fragmented product certification system, where there are overlapping government agencies in charge of product reviews, and redundant product certification fees. A unified certification system can normalize the product certification process, and spur free trade. 2. CE Recognition CE standards are safety standards to ensure products do not endanger human life, animals and meet essential safety requirements. The regulations are different from average product quality standards, and CE standards harmonized standards usually require the products to meet a certain standard. The safety standard is viewed as a passport for manufacturers to enter the European market. European regulations make the CE standard a mandatory requirement for imported products to be sold on the market. 3. ISO9000 certification Certification organizations for the international ISO9000 are authoritative institutes recognized by global governments. The ISO9000 product quality certification process is stringent. Acquiring this specific standard certification can make products legal, scientific, and greatly raise work efficiency and product qualify. Once manufacturers receive the high standard ISO9000 certification, manufacturers can win over clients trust. Clients will be more willing to sign sales orders, and expand company market share. 4. UL certification Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a U.S. safety consulting and certification company. The company is the most influential test lab in the U.S., and is one of the world’s largest civilian independent product safety test labs. The company specializes in public safety tests, and uses scientific methods to ensure product materials, devices, products, equipment, and buildings do not endanger human life or property. The lab issues related standards and information to prevent the loss of human life or property. The lab also launches related investigations.