Top 10 lighting and LED trends in 2015 II

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5. Is lighting poised for a quantum leap?

As quantum-dot LEDs (QD-LEDs) still have some challenges to overcome, the market will not likely see vast quantities of commercially available products by 2015 or 2016. However, in the medium to longer term, QD-LEDs could kill off the OLED display market and cause deep disruption to the lighting industry as a whole. QD-LEDs still have some challenges to overcome, but we might see a very small amount of commercially available products by the end of 2015.

6. Where to purchase OLED luminaires?

Mass-market adoption of OLED lighting is not projected to occur in 2015, but retailers will likely start to offer a premium range of OLED luminaires, which undoubtedly will help to create more interest in the overall OLED market in the coming year.

7. Visual light communication (Li-Fi) is a brighter way to communicate

Li-Fi is a new and emerging technology, but implementations of pilot projects, along with greater media interest, is forecast for 2015. It will be interesting to see how many commercial projects are announced this year, and on what scale.

8. Packaged LED industry is moving downstream and getting smarter

Smart lighting is another way for companies to attempt to add value and improve profit margins. As the LED lighting market moves downstream with modules and light engines, incorporating smart lighting sensors and controls will be a key trend in 2015, reckons IHS.

9. Is your streetlight all that it seems?

In 2015, a couple of smart streetlight pilot projects are expected to start moving to larger city-wide installations. With developments in new technology, as well as the ever-expanding phenomenon of the Internet of Things, the role that street lights play in our world is set change completely.

10. The sky is the limit for cloud-based smart lighting

The market for cloud-based smart lighting is unlikely to gain market share in 2015, because public knowledge of companies offering solutions remains limited. However, increased marketing of cloud-based smart lighting could gain mindshare in 2015, positioning the market for future growth.