Top 10 lighting and LED trends in 2015 I

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According to a new market research “Top Lighting and LEDs Trends for 2015”, 2014’s restructuring by global major lighting firms will allow LED suppliers to raise capital for investments in 2015, as it could lead to improved margins for leading companies along with the potential for lower product prices for consumers. Listed below are top 10 predictions for the lighting and LED industry for 2015:

1. China LED market will continue to grow

Given the growing market share of Chinese LED companies throughout the value chain, 2015 could be pivotal for the global LED industry. To compete with international companies and maintain their growth, Chinese vendors must overcome negative perceptions of product quality that continue to plague them, even while they maintain their low pricing, noted the report.

2. Changing fortunes for lighting companies expected in 2015

The reorganization of the top 3 lighting manufacturers could turn them into pure-play lighting companies focused on dynamic markets, which would offer greater growth potential. The restructuring will also allow LED makers to raise capital for further investment, and will let them reduce the hierarchal burden associated with being part of a large conglomerate. Changes in the corporate structure could lead to improved margins for the companies, and possibly lower-priced products for consumers,.

3. Automotive applications driving optoelectronic components market

With LED headlamp penetration increasing, gesture control getting increasing interest, and hybrid and electric vehicles sales continuing to grow, 2015 will be a lucrative year for the optoelectronic components suppliers that focus on the automotive industry, the white paper concludes.

4. LED filament bulbs are starting to match other LED offerings

LED filament bulbs, which combine the benefits of LED lamps with the familiar design of incandescent bulbs beloved by traditionalists, are now starting to match other LED offerings in terms of efficiency, price and color-rendering capabilities. Ultimately it will be up to consumers to decide if filament bulbs will have their time in the limelight in 2015.