Thailand government support spurs LED industry developments

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The Thailand LED industry shares many similarities with India, in which government support plays a key role, and the market sector is highly reliant on imported LED chips, packages and LED products.

On the whole, the upstream LED lights manufacturing sector is absent in these markets, with little involvement from local LED manufacturers. While the India government has launched related incentives to encourage the development of LED chip manufacturing, this remains to be seen in Thailand.

Thai government incentives have mainly been to promote LED adoption in the consumer sector, with many subsidies aimed at making LED bulbs more affordable to the average consumer. The country’s Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) and Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) are some of the major government agencies that are promoting LED lighting in the country. Both agencies launched consumer-friendly initiatives to encourage more people to adopt the new lighting technology.

Products that meet the standard can receive EGAT subsidy, which pushed down LED 5-Watt and 7-Watt bulb prices to $3.81 and $3.96 respectively, and has greatly raised the popularity of LED products in Thailand. In mid-November 2014. LED tube prices have plunged to lower than the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) prices in 2014.