Taiwanese makers are optimistic about the LED industry in 2015

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According to a research, upstream Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers are optimistic about the industry’s growth in 2015, with most forecasting over 20% growth.

There will be many new products released on the LED market in 2015. Manufacturers have benefited from doubling LED lighting demands, and international manufacturers have prioritized the introduction of high color index performance wide color gamut products (WCG) into flagship smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices. It is projected that increasing consumer electronic brands will be featuring WCG backlight in more and more product models in 2015.

Most LED manufacturers showed good profitability in 2014, and LED applications are expected to grow next year, thus further boosting manufacturers’ performances in 2015. For LED lighting products, small pitch LED display, and flip chips are expected to be the company’s major growth momentum for 2015. The global LED lighting demands will reach nearly 1~1.5 billion pcs in 2014, and is expected to increase to 2.5 billion pcs next year