Taiwanese LED component market value to rise 14% in 2015 II

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PIDA estimated that eliminations and integrations will continue throughout the LED industry in 2015. Taiwanese LED manufacturers should take advantage to develop niche markets. Taiwanese LED chip manufacturers should make the most of this opportunity to replace the supply gap left behind, manufacturers are expected to benefit from these orders.

Japanese manufacturers will still be affected by currency exchange rate disruptions in 2015. Although, Japanese Yen products will receive higher investments because of its higher price competition, component procurement costs have also soared as a result. Therefore, Japanese manufacturers LED component value will only grow an incremental 5%. Korean manufacturers will also see a minor 2% growth this year, as companies secure LED monitor and smartphone export markets.

Chinese manufacturers will have the highest growth. Lighting applications expeditious growth spurred mid-power LED developments, additionally Chinese LED manufacturers have gradually formed their own supply chain.