Taiwanese LED component market value to rise 14% in 2015 I

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After completing mergers in 2014, top listed manufacturers will be expanding production capacity in 2015. Growing market values will lead to higher growth rates in the industry compared to in 2014.

According to estimates by Taiwan’s PIDA, Taiwan’s LED component industry market value is expected to increase 14% in 2015. Despite having the world’s top LED market value, Taiwan’s LED industry has limited global influence, and need to keep a watchful eye on Chinese competitors’ developments. In the LED component sector, Taiwan is still the top ranking country. Taiwan has been able to increase its international visibility, due to top manufacturers business strategies.

Although, Taiwan has the world’s highest LED market production value, the country’s LED industry is not particularly influential in the international lighting market. The lighting market is still mainly controlled by large international manufacturers or regional lighting companies. New competitors have also emerged in previous niche markets such as smartphones and TV backlight. The lighting application market has been seriously affected by Chinese manufacturers intense price wars.