Taiwan LED component output value topped global rankings in 2014

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According to statistics, Taiwan topped global rankings in 2014 for LED component output value, and the industry is expected to keep up 14% growth throughout 2015 to reach $5.37 billion. The total global optoelectronic industry market value reached $575.6 billion in 2014, and Taiwan’s optoelectronic industry accounted for 12% share of $67.4 billion. Taiwan’s optoelectronic industry has managed to maintain 2013 performance.

In recent years, there has been huge transformations in the global LED component industry, with China being the fastest growing market. Due the rise of Chinese LED manufacturers, American manufacturers have been less profitable, leading to the region’s declining LED component market value. Korea’s overall LED market value also slid. The Taiwan and Japan market maintained steady 2 digit growths. As a whole, the widening differences between manufacturers will be more and more evident, as Chinese LED manufacturers surpass competition.

The Chinese market delivered main LED package and module market value performances. As Chinese LED manufacturers grow stronger, it will be important for Taiwanese manufacturers to develop strategies to overcome this. Taiwan’s LED lighting market has less than 5% global share, and is not very influential. Therefore, companies should seek niche market applications with high potentials, such as UV LED and IR LED product applications.