Smart lighting remains a cool sector in Lighting Japan 2015

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In recent years, more mature smart lighting solutions have been launched on the market, but costs and lack of market acceptance have kept the products from reaching a tipping point. Many manufacturers showed smart lighting capacity at the Lighting Japan 2015, but the solutions were less visible compared to other highlighted LED luminaires.

Special smart lighting showcased at the show included lighting systems that could detect the presence of a person in an environment, and automatically switch on or off. The concept has been discussed on the market for a while, but no standardized lighting products have emerged yet. At the show, Japanese manufacturers have continued to develop lighting for bathroom applications that could detect the presence of people, play music or flush the toilet.

Bluetooth LED lighting applications have also increased, and depending on the demand are controllable via smartphones, tablets or computer devices. Although, Bluetooth cannot control multiple devices in the same way as Wifi, it consumes less energy and is highly promoted by certain manufacturers.