Smart LED lights to witness the highest growth I

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Energy saving is one of the major concerns for state and national governments globally. Loss of energy through lighting has been national concern for governments. Smart lighting is a new innovation in lighting technology that is developed for energy efficiency. This technology may include efficiency fixtures and automated controls lighting system that make adjustments according to conditions and requirements of the internal or external environment such as occupancy or availability of daylight.

Lighting accounts for 20%~50% of the global consumption of energy. It is essential to use limited electric energy to reduce energy consumption. Market players have been introducing innovative lighting systems that help conserve energy. Smart lighting is a technology that uses intelligent light control system. Factors such as object movement, occupancy, color, temperature and availability of natural light helps smart lighting technology to perform efficiently. This technology uses lighting control systems that deliver the required amount of light optimally. Smart lighting also entails technology that automatically performs various functions at a set time and under a given condition.

Smart lighting technology provides highly flexible lighting at low energy consumption and cost.In terms of performance and energy consumption, the global smart lighting market can be divided into LED light, HID, CFL, fluorescent lamps and others. Currently, CFL leads the global market for smart lighting technology. However, LED lights are expected to witness the highest growth during the forecast period. Commercial and residential buildings are the major end-users of the smart lighting technology. Other major end-users of the technology include public, government buildings and street lighting.