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Meet WELLMAX Engineers in Behind-the-scenes Interview

Posted By: administrator Sep 23,2020 in Company news

Innovation and high quality as our core competitive power guide WELLMAX into millions of homes around the world. Behind this is a group of engineers focusing o... > MORE



Discover the Story behind WELLMAX in Our Film

Posted By: administrator Sep 16,2020 in Company news

After 33 years of development, WELLMAX has grown from a small business manufacturing incandescents to a globally recognized LED brand. We are very grateful for... > MORE



More Than Higher Brightness, This Downlight Creates Many Other Distinguished Values

Posted By: administrator Sep 10,2020 in Company news

With superior lighting performance and simple operation, Sunflower has won a great number of praises from clients and consumers. What advanced technology and d... > MORE



A European Client's Sales at Top DIY Retailer are Increased Significantly

Posted By: administrator Sep 09,2020 in Company news

Due to stable and considerable purchase volume, retail channels such as hypermarkets and DIY chain stores play an important role in the lighting sector. Howeve... > MORE

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More Daytime Light Exposure Leads to Better Sleep Quality and Less Stress

Posted By: administrator Jul 22,2020 in Industry news

The Lighting Research Center (LRC) at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is investigating the impacts of working from home or quarantining indoors due to the COV... > MORE



Learn How to Identify Truly 'High Quality' Suppliers Online

Posted By: administrator Jun 01,2020 in Industry news

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the biggest challenge to international trade after the financial crisis in 2008. When most of commercial activities are moving o... > MORE



My Story of Being"LED Bulb Expert"in WELLMAX

Posted By: administrator Apr 30,2020 in Industry news

Its a test title > MORE



The 127th Canton Fair will be Held Online from Middle to Late June 2020

Posted By: administrator Apr 08,2020 in Industry news

On April 7, the Chinese central government decided that given the global pandemic, the 127th Canton Fair would be launched online from middle to late June. Dom... > MORE