New developments in global LED phosphor lights II

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The history of bight LEDs can be traced back to the 1990s. GaN-based blue LED was first manufactured in Japan. Over the years, research analysts have observed that the phosphor IP scene is a rich one, but definitely a lot more complicated than it was ever meant to be. Only thousands of patent families with just a handful of patents have given a good return on investment to owners in terms of market exploitation, share, and increased revenue options from royalties.

As the global LED phosphor industry is maturing with breakthrough innovations, it also redefining the fundamental patents so far. Though the challenge of capitalizing on patents remains, lighting manufacturers are looking at ways to make their offerings more efficient and cost-effective. The biggest opportunity for developers in the near future is the disruptive potential of any new composition.

Besides addressing the need for improved quality, phosphor manufacturers are looking at developing a wide spectrum of colors compositions. Companies are looking at developing products that will outperform existing ones with better color stability and a longer life as well as wavelengths.