New developments in global LED phosphor lights I

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For over decades, phosphors have been used for fluorescent lighting. With the growing usage of LED lights across the globe due to their energy-efficient operations, the demand for innovative phosphor solutions has also increased. As LED lights are increasingly being used for innumerable lighting applications, new methods of using phosphor are also being developed in order to convert blue light in a wide range of colors.

As countries are shifting their focus towards LEDs due to their longer life, lesser power consumption, and increased efficiency, the global LED phosphor market is witnessing rapid growth. However, the development of new phosphor solutions for LED lights does bring in a host of challenges for the global LED phosphor market.

Unpleasant coolness or warmth, sub-standard color rendering as compared to traditional bulbs, and changes in LED color temperature with viewing angle are some of the challenges faced by the global LED phosphor market. The next big challenge faced by the global LED phosphor market is the influx of new patents in the market, which is leading to a war for IP right for several players.