Low Power LED Lighting Trends I

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This will examine LED lighting trends and Fairchild solutions. LED lighting applications fall into 3 basic input power levels: low-power ≤20W; mid-power is between 20W~50W; and high-power is >50W.

Today, we will be exploring low-power ≤20W applications, especially bulb-type lamp replacements or retrofits, replacement of existing lamps and fixtures, and new construction fixtures.

The global sale of LEDs in lighting was recorded at US$4.4 billion in 2013. With a forecast calculated annual growth rate of 27.5% from 2013 to 2018, sales are expected to US$14.9 billion by 2018. The market potential is large and growing, but is challenging for the LED driver in terms of efficacy improvements, lowering the cost and increasing operating lifetime.