Low-cost and more greener new LED bulb

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The phase-out of traditional incandescent bulbs across Europe and around the World, in addition to an ever-increasing focus on energy efficiency, has triggered a sales boom in the LED lighting market and for the LED bulb supplier.

LED lighting, which can last years longer than traditional bulbs, is an energy-efficient alternative. Switching lighting to LEDs over the next 2 decades. However, there is a fear that the increasing consumer demand for popular products could be short-lived as key materials known as rare earth elements become more expensive.

Recently, scientists have now designed new materials for making household LED bulbs without using these ingredients. The researchers designed a family of materials that don't include rare earths but instead are made out of copper iodide, which is an abundant compound. They tuned them to glow a warm white shade or various other colors using a low-cost solution process. Combining these features, this material class shows significant promise for use in general lighting applications.