LED Lighting to take a great market share in Japan in 2015

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After the earthquake, Japan faces a rise of electricity bills because of power shortages. It puts a great emphasis on "energy saving" of its new energy strategy, and promotes energy-efficient products and energy-saving technologies.

New energy-efficient and environmentally friendly LED lighting is now the mainstream lighting in Japan due to energy saving. LED lighting is constantly improving in efficacy, energy efficiency, and light quality. These improvements make LED the ideal choice for a number of applications. Many LEDs are now rated 70lm at 100,000 hours, meaning they maintain 70% of their initial light output after 100,000 hours of use. Compared to traditional light sources, this drastically reduces the maintenance required for the luminaire. LEDs are also increasing in lumens per watt, making them more energy-efficient while achieving a greater light output.

Japan totally banned the use of incandescent in 2012. According to the data released by Japan JLMA, LED lighting accounted for 40% of lighting products in Japan market in 2012. LED home lighting will take a great market share in Japan In 2015.