LED lighting market trends in the U.S., Japan and Europe

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Major American lighting companies are currently engaged in an aggressive expansion of the LED lighting market. They are continuously raising the penetration rate of LED lighting by launching many new products. The direction of the application development is moving towards smart lighting, light communication, and other emerging fields. LEDinside forecasts the whole U.S. LED lighting market in 2015 will reach US$5.33 billion.

As for Japan, the consumer preference is towards high-efficiency products, and the Japanese lighting companies are launching products with low-power drivers, hoping they will tap into the energy-saving demand. High-efficiency LED has a wide-range of applications in Japan’s commercial lighting sector.

The recovery of Eurozone boosts the consumer confidence of European consumers as well as the demands in the lighting market. According to LEDinside’s projection, the scale of Europe’s LED lighting market will reach US$5.5 billion. On the other hand, the euro’s fall has been squeezing the profits of Asian OEMs as their European clients demand greater price reduction. Some Asian lighting manufacturers have started to promote their own brand products in order to offset the effects of the price cuts and reduce their reliance on overseas orders.