LED lighting market soared increasingly in China

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Early in 2012, General Office of National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Science have jointly issued Notice of Annual Financial Subsidies to Promote the Work of the Semiconductor Lighting Products. Back then, many local governments rolled out relevant local subsidies policies for LED lighting industry. For such a long time, these subsidies policies hugely stimulated vast investment on LED lighting career.

To achieve the objectives of semiconductor lighting in the 12th five-year plan, national government has proposed 2 subsidy policies:

1. Subsidies for Promotion Project of Semiconductor Lighting Products in 2012

This subsidy policy is conducted by means of bidding. LED lighting companies that won in bidding program are entitled to subsidies.

2. Subsidy Policy on Energy Saving Products

The State Council has compiled one subsidy budget of RMB 36.3billion for 4 categories of energy saving products: Energy-efficient appliances, fuel-efficient cars, high efficiency motors and energy-saving lamps&LED Lamps.

At the early of 2013, Ministry of Finance has announced government purchasing list of energy saving products, in which LED streetlight, tunnel light, LED downlight and reflective self-ballast LED lamp were listed.

As LED lighting market soared increasingly in China, all parts of the country have put forwards LED incentives and rebates policies to speed up the whole process.