LED lamps are more affordable and efficient than was expected I

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LED lamps from quality suppliers are far beyond industry and expert forecasts as they are rapidly reducing in price and improving in energy efficiency. In addition, major consumer and professional lighting companies have announced their intention to switch to 100% LED by 2016.

Halogen lamps have been the most popular lighting choice among European consumers. With 477% sales growth across Europe between 2007 and 2013, halogen sales were higher than expected by the European Commission, according to a market research report. Consumers meanwhile avoided CFLs, with sales of energy-efficient CFLs in decline since 2010. This unexpected shift away from CFL support halogen undercut the anticipated energy savings from phasing out incandescent lamps.

European policy leaders are making a decision whether to keep, amend or delay the final stage of an existing law that would shift the market totally from halogen to LED lamps starting in Sept. 2016. According to a new analysis, LED lamps have already been much more affordable and energy-efficient than was expected.