LED industrial lighting market to reach $3.935 bn in 2018

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Among different fixture types, LED high/low bay lighting products are the largest in terms of market share. This category is further subdivided into mining and general applications, making LED high/low bay lights a major focus in the development of industrial lighting market.

LEDinside expects 80-250W LED high/low bay light products will be the mainstream in the market as improvements are made to the LED technology and to thermal dissipation. Current 80-250W LED high/low bay lights have around 10,000-30,000lm in terms of luminous flux as well as 275-300lx in terms of illuminance.

Pricing strategies for high/low bay lights vary in terms of product lines and market regions as these products have yet to be standardized. Chinese LED lighting manufacturers tend to have lower product prices and fewer product lines. Therefore, prices in the China market are expected to only show minor price fluctuations.