LED Expo to create awareness about the benefits of LEDs

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LED Expo held at Mumbai, India on 7th May. With plans to cover the entire city with LED lights over the next few months, LED Expo offered high-quality and competitively priced solutions for the Indian market and has received strong support from the Government of Maharashtra.

The organizers have also announced an awareness drive in Mumbai to promote adoption of energy efficient LED lights. Starting today, the city-wide initiative aims to encourage individuals and organizations to replace high energy-consuming CFLs and other lighting sources and take a pledge to ‘Switch to LED Lights’ to attain a twofold objective of reducing their electricity costs and the city’s carbon footprint.

Over 100 leading LED lighting companies eyeing opportunity in India’s multi-billion dollar market are showcasing their competitive LED lighting solutions at the exhibition. Focused solely on LED products and technologies, the exhibition’s main objective is to create awareness about the innumerable benefits of LEDs, promote energy efficient lights and drive market adoption in high-power consumption sectors.