LED chipset demand led by LED lighting industry

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The demand for LED chipsets, mainly for the LED lighting market, is forecast to rise substantially through 2018. The demand for LED chipsets are expected to increase 293% from 35.8 million standard units (500 x 500 micron chip size) in 2013 to 1.4 billion in 2018.

The forecast growth in the LED market is due in large part to increasing demand from the LED lighting segment. As ASPs continue to decrease, shipments of all LED lighting products will remain on the rise.

In 2014, the LED market became more integrated from chip to channel, as competing companies merged and supply-chain companies acquired LED industry players. The LED chip industry is expected to fare better than the LED package industry, as demand for lighting continues to increase through 2018. While growth in the global demand for chipsets used for display backlighting flattened after 2012, with a slow decrease forecast after 2014.