LED bulb and LED tube trends in Thailand

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Based on a survey of nearly 30 LED light manufacturers, LEDinside has compiled some of the general lighting trends observed at LED Expo Thailand 2015:

1. Dimmable LED bulbs selling nearly sixfold the price of normal LED bulbs

While normal 5W LED bulb prices remain low at around 100~115 Thai Baht range, dimmable LED bulbs that meet European lighting standards are selling at around 600 Thai baht. Larger international brands are selling their products at a slightly higher cost.

Warm white colors also tend to be the more preferred lighting color among Thailand consumers. Up to 60% of consumers prefer daylight products, and only 40% warm white, cool white is not preferred among consumers.

2. LED T8 tubes becoming more popular than LED T5 tubes

In general, LED tube lights remain in high demand in the Thailand lighting market, and the market is gradually shifting from LED T5 tube lights to LED T8 tube lights in LED Expo Thailand 2015.

The shift from T5 LED tube lights to LED T8 tube lights is mostly because government subsidies for T5 LED tube lights has ended. As noted in an earlier report, LED T8 tube lights are selling at relatively low prices in the Thailand market, ranging from 200~600 Thai Baht.