Kazakhstan needs to ensure imported LED product quality

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According to an article, since rolling out a nationwide incandescent bulb phase out plan in 2012, Kazakhstan has quickly adopted LED lighting product. However, the Central Asian state still lacks sufficient test labs to ensure imported LED lighting product quality, and prevent poor quality products from proliferating the market. Similar to many other countries, the country imports large volumes of LED products from China.

Furthermore, Kazakhstan’s close proximity to China would make cooperating with Global Efficient Lighting Centre (GELC) in Beijing is a more efficient way of testing product quality, and that promoting of energy efficient lighting in Kazakhstan. Kazakhstan needs to consider an effective strategy to ensure the quality of LED products sold on the market.

Australia has already set a precedent of working with GELC to test Chinese lighting products exported to the country. The country has set up only two fairly small test labs to check the quality of lighting products because of the costs involved. In addition, it takes a lot of resources and finances to set up and manage test labs. Many countries in Southeast Asia have abandoned labs after a short period because of high operation costs.