Japan market demands remain high for high power luminaires

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From a technology perspective, Japanese LED lighting manufacturers are focused on high power LED bay lights, billboard lights, and 4-meter LED tubes. The long tube lights are replacements for fluorescent luminaires and have good quality and pricing. There are also strong demands for high power LED luminaires, which are capable of assisting commercial applications in saving long term costs.

At the LED/ OLED Lighting Technology Expo zone, there were a large number of LED drivers, and testing equipment. In this specific show area, many Japanese manufacturers were focused on high power LED high bay lights, which utilized solutions including COB package or multiple LEDs. By using good optical designs, the products were able to achieve high powers, and high luminous efficacy, while its light shape can meet market demands and designs. This is mainly due to Japan’s lighting market’s high demands for high bay lights in public spaces, factories or retail sector. The volume of high bay light purchases has continued to grow, and through these years Japanese manufacturers have found suitable production models, such as in-house manufacturing or cooperating with Chinese or Taiwanese vendors.

LED spotlights for advertisement applications were also highly visible in the expo area, and there was also high market demands for architectural spotlights.