How to Ensure LED Bulb's Lifetime?

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In our last week's newsletter, we introduced some key aspects that determines LED bulb's lifetime. This week we will explain to you how Wellmax tests and ensures our LED product lifetime.

High Quality Chips

Wellmax’s LED bulbs use high quality chips that passed LM-80 test, which measures lumen maintenance of the chips at high temperature. Our chips can maintain over 95% lumen (depreciate less than 5%) at 105°C after 6000 hours continuous testing. This guarantees the quality and lifespan of our LED bulbs. Our R&D centers also work closely with third party testing labs such as TUV, DEKRA, and SGS to collaborate on improving product quality, and also LED chip provider Samsung to ensure we have the most advanced LED chip technology.

3.5 Data Set 3, 105°C, 100 Ma (Lumen Maintenace)


Initial Product Design and High Temperature Test

To achieve extra product stability and safety, Wellmax designs the product to have a drive current and junction temperature much lower than required by LM-80, because a LED bulb’s lifetime is directly associated with its increase in temperature. Continuous exposure to high temperatures without proper ventilation will spoil LED bulb components. When designing a product, Wellmax engineers will test the product in the High Voltage Programmable Temperature and Humidity Test Chamber, in which the product will be exposed to a given high temperature environment in our laboratory so that our engineers can observe the lumen maintenance and calculate the expected lifetime.


Accelerate Aging Test

LED products usually have lifetime of over 25,000 hours, and the rapid innovation have made it impossible to test a product for 25,000 hours (about 3 years), because by the time the test is done, the product is already obsolete. Therefore the industry’s practice now is to perform an accelerated aging test on LED products to determine its long-term effects. Accelerated aging is testing that uses aggravated conditions of heat, oxygen, sunlight, vibration, etc. to speed up the normal aging processes of items. Wellmax Sunrise 9W LED bulbs with initial lumen of 810lm can still remain a luminous level of 720lm after 18-month (around 12,960 hours) aging test in the laboratory. According to the standard of INMETRO, we can calculate that the actual lifetime of our Sunrise series LED bulb is in fact more than 30,000hrs.