How to brighten up petrol stations with proper lighting II

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3. Service: Inside the station itself, the retail lighting plays a significant role as well. Oil companies have smaller margins on fuel sales because prices have fallen while operating costs have remained the same. The petrol station shop can help to fill this revenue gap. It is estimated that over 95% of customers make spontaneous buying decisions while in front of the shelves in the shop.

4. Security: The uniformity and brightness that LED lighting brings is a major advantage, particularly because drivers associate light with security. At first, they allow drivers to react quickly in case of an unexpected event. Also, well-lit stations can help drivers feel safe and are more likely to discourage any criminal activity. Besides health and safety rules are very strict in petrol companies, which have to make mandatory annual accident reports, and anything that can reduce those numbers is welcome.

For these reasons, in-store lighting is crucial in making up the margins. Customers will spend more time in the shop and are more likely to use its additional services if it is a friendly and warm environment. And they can also be guided towards higher margin products by directed or feature lighting.

Finally, the other method to increase revenue is to reduce operational costs. It Is estimated that 30% of utility costs in petrol stations is spent on lighting. Fuel companies can immediately reduce this energy cost by between 50%~70% with the help of LED lights versus core technology. Using LED lights can also help brand reputation of the LED lighting company with the reduction of CO2 emissions, further helping increase sales.