How to brighten up petrol stations with proper lighting I

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Nowadays, increasing people are living outside of the cities in which they work. Traffic jams are the norm. The recent reductions in oil prices and the limitations of public transport mean that the car is more and more attractive as an option.

However, this is not necessarily good news for petrol stations. As the number of motorists increases so does the competition to win those potential customers. But when prices are similar, how can a petrol station stand out from the competition? The factors involved in that decision have changed: brand loyalty, visibility, service and security are the new triggers that attract customers to petrol stations. And lighting has an impact on above 4 factors.

1. Brand Loyalty: While each driver will have their individual preferences, basic presentation and illumination can have a significant impact. LED lighting can greatly improve the appearance of totem pole branding and side canopy homogeneous illumination. If the totem pole illumination is poor or defective, drivers will psychologically link this to the quality of the station’s overall service.

2. Visibility: This is the most obvious issue, as poorly lit petrol stations are simply less noticeable. Especially away from urban areas, where they can be a beacon on unlit roads if they have the right lighting. LED lighting provides high intensity with a very low consumption and maintenance, reducing the cost of keeping the station lit for a long time.