HOT IN MARKET! Wellmax High Efficient LED Globe Bulb

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Dear Wellmax’s client:

Wellmax's LED globe bulb in 13W and 9W is now released! Uniform light distribution, stable lumen, and higher luminous efficacy!

* Our 13W globe bulb(G120) can replace 20W CFL and 100W GLS.
* Our 9W globe bulb(G95) can replace 15W CFL and 60W GLS.

Wellmax designed and developed this product using plastic-coated aluminum as lamp body and PC material as lamp cover to maximize its heat conductivity and bulb durability. It not only has higher luminous efficacy but also provides the convenience of having an overall lighter weight LED product.


For product specifications, please click the link:

For questions, please do not hesitate to contact us via email: or phone: +86-021-58602847.

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