Global LED lighting market shares, strategy and forecasts 2015~2020 II

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LED lighting reduces labor costs of replacing bulbs in commercial situations. The LED bulbs are implementing new semiconductor technology. Global LED lighting markets are poised to achieve huge growth as buildings and communities lead the way in implementing the more cost efficient systems. Under some circumstances, the utility plants are providing funding and financing so that lighting users can make the shift to LED lighting.

LED lamps lower the overall cost of lighting. LED lighting costs are less than costs with incandescent lights. LED lamps offer up to 50,000 hours of illumination with a fraction of the energy used by convenitional incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs generate 90% less heat than incandescent bulbs. LED bulbs extend time between bulb replacements. The bulbs are used to achieve a near zero-maintenance lighting system.

LED lighting products are coming to market rapidly. LED light suppliers carry up to 150 different LED bulb and lamp styles to fit the various needs of consumers and businesses.