Focus on LED Bulbs, Wellmax’s Potential To Change The Future of LED Lighting--the Overview of China LED Illuminating Industry Authoritative Association Annual Meeting

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The Technology and Application of Semiconductor Lighting Committee, from the China Illuminating Engineering Society (CIES) held a conference on December 9th, 2015 in Shanghai. Wellmax was invited to attend the conference, whose board chairman—Mr. Yamin Wang-- remarked in salon that “Wellmax will make ongoing efforts in 2016, and will release the world’s smallest 800lm omnidirectional LED bulb, a product joined forces with Samsung’s LED chip technology.”

Semiconductor lighting technology and application professional committee of CIES held 2016 annual meeting in Shanghai


The CIES is the primary and national-leveled lighting industry association in China, it represents China in the International Illuminating Engineering Society. Its branch the Technology and Application of Semiconductor Lighting Committee is the most authoritative institute in LED lighting field.

The annual meeting on the topic of “ ‘Created in China’ remarks •Create and Innovate 2016 ”, mainly discussed the significance of the changes that the China LED industry has brought to the development of the global LED illumination industry. The meeting invited world and China’s leading companies, including Sumsung, GE, Panasonic, Forest Lighting, HP Winner, Camtat, etc.

Wellmax as the Global LED Bulb Expert was invited to attend the annual meeting, whose board Chairman Mr. Yamin Wang was also invited to participate in Salon and made a speech. Mr. Wang remarked “ Wellmax used to be a traditional lighting company but has transformed successfully from to the LED lighting sector in 2015. Our continuous efforts in making a difference to the world’s green movement has brought us great opportunities in product R&D and manufacture. We focus on LED bulb products because we believe that only by concentrating an enterprise’s human capital and financial capital can that enterprise really produce something great and different.”


Wellmax General Manager-Mr. Yamin Wang with Dr. Jacob Tarn, Executive Vice President, LED Lighting Business Team, Samsung Electronics

Meanwhile, Dr. Jacob Tarn, the EVP of LED Lighting Business of Samsung Electronics, invited Wellmax to extend further conversation on the potential collaboration between two companies. As the No.1 Company in the field, Samsung certainly choose its partners carefully with strict criteria. Wellmax, as a company with 28 years of experience and global exposure, adheres to high standards from raw material selection, production management, to product engineering and packaging designs. Wellmax looks forward to bring better products to the world together with Samsung.