Existing solid state lighting standards IV

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1. NEMA LSD45-2009, Recommendations for SSL Sub-Assembly Interfaces for Luminaires. The recommendation offers guidelines for designing and manufacturing SSL sockets and related applications.

2. NEMA LSD49-2010, SSL for Incandescent Replacement—Best Practices for Dimming. This white paper offers recommendations for the dimming and design of screw-based incandescent replacement SSL products.

3. NEMA SSL-1-2010, Electronic Drivers for LED Devices, Arrays or Systems. Provides specifications for and operating characteristics of non-integral electronic drivers (power supplies) for LED devices, arrays or systems intended for general lighting applications.

4. NEMA SSL3-2010, High-Power White LED Binning for General Illumination. The standard provides a consistent format for categorizing (binning) color varieties of LEDs during manufacturing, production and integration in lighting products.

5. NEMA SSL 4-2012, Retrofit Lamps: Minimum Performance Requirements. Provides performance criteria standards for integral LED lamps, including color, light output, operating voltage, lumen maintenance, size, and electrical characteristics.

6. NEMA SSL-6-2010,SSL for Incandescent Replacement—Dimming. Provides guidance for those planning to design and build or work with solid state lighting products intended for retrofit into old incandescent screw base lamps systems. Addresses dimming of these products and the interaction between the dimmer (control) and the bulb (lamp).

7. SEMI HB1-0113, Specifications for Sapphire Wafers Intended for Use for Manufacturing High Brightness-LED (HB-LED) Devices.

8. NEMA SSL7A-2013, Phase Cut Dimming for Solid State Lighting: Basic Compatibility.Provides recommendations for applying and matching phase cut dimming technology to LED products that are compatible with one or several types of LED light engines (LLEs).

9. UL 8750, Safety Standard for LED Equipment for Use in Lighting Products. Specifies the minimum safety requirements for SSL components, including LEDs and LED arrays, power supplies, and control circuitry.

10. UL1598C, LED Retrofit Luminaire Conversion Kits Safety Standards. The requirements apply to LED retrofit luminaire conversion kits intended to replace existing light sources and systems, such as incandescents, CHLs, induction and HID lights.