Existing solid state lighting standards II

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1. CIE127-2007, Measurement of LEDs Describes Measurement Conditions for Averaged LED Intensity (ALI), Luminous Flux, and Low Power LED Light Distribution.

2. CIE177-2007, Color Rendering of White LED Light Sources, recommends the development of a new color rendering index, and offers several suggestions regarding standards development.

3. IEC/ TR61341:2010, Method of Measurement of Center Beam Intensity and Beam Angle(s) of Reflector Lamps, the standard introduces the method of measuring and specifying center beam intensity and associated bam angles of reflector lamps. The standard is applicable to a wide range of lighting products, and specifically regulates gas-discharge and LED based reflector lamps for general lighting purposes.

4. IEC62031, LED Modules for General Lighting Safety Specifications Describes LED Modules General Safety Standards.

5. IEC/ TS62504: 2011, General lighting - LEDs and LED Modules, this document presents terms and definitions relevant for lighting with LED light sources. It provides both descriptive terms and measurable terms.

6. IEC 62560:2011 Self-ballasted LED-lamps for General Lighting Services by Voltage > 50 V - Safety Specifications.

7. IEC62612:2013, Self-ballasted LED Lamps for General Lighting Services with Supply Voltages > 50 V - Performance Requirements.

8. IEC/ PAS62717, LED Modules for General Lighting - Performance Requirements.