Efficient LED lighting might offer a solution to China's thick haze I

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China LED factory

According to calculations, lighting's energy consumption is estimated to be nerly 17%~20%. Based on China’s total energy consumption of 5.52 trillion KWh in 2014, China’s lighting energy consumption would be about 1.1 trillion KWh.

Following the spread of highly energy-efficient LED lighting in the Chinese market, lighting energy consumption could be halved, and cut down 300 million metric tons of coal consumption. Based on statistics, China’s coal consumption reached 3.6 billion metric tons in 2013. With LEDs limited market penetration on the Chinese market, the technology still holds huge potential in solving China’s smog issue.

However, LED lighting is not as widespread on the market despite it has huge energy saving advantages. Similar to the steel industry’s oversupply issue explored in the smog documentary, China has been the global lighting manufacturing powerhouse. Over 90% of incandescent bulbs, CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps) and other light sources are manufactured in China. Conventional incandescent bulbs are not energy efficient, while energy saving CFL’s can cause mercury pollution. Yet, these 2 light sources have created millions of jobs, and solved local Chinese government’s tax income, and job employment issues.

But it's comforting to note that China government has phased out 60-Watt and above wattage incandescent bulbs, which has been effective since October 1st, 2014. Although, the policy was rolled out later than developed countries, it is better than never.