Chinese LED packaging market will increase 15% in 2015

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The Chinese LED package market grew 19% YoY in 2014, lower than most people’s expectations. Lighting-use LED package was the main market growth momentum, and was almost the only application sector supporting industry growth. In terms of small-size backlight, despite smartphone sizes and rising market penetration, market demands have also grown. It was not enough to generate much impact on the whole packaging market, and so did the small pitch LED display market. For TV backlight and traditional displays, the market scale has started to shrink.

From the suppliers end, Chinese LED manufacturers’ market share accounted for 64%, increased 1% YoY. Taiwanese manufacturers share remain unchanged at 9%. International manufacturers fell 1% YoY to 27%. In 2013, technology and patent advantages broken out on the market, leading to international manufacturers expended revenue growth in the Chinese market. However, the market reached a downturn in 2014 as growth eased. In 2014, international manufacturers' revenue grew 17% in Chinese packaging market, less than the 41% growth seen in 2013. Taiwanese manufacturers revenue performance was better than 2013 having reported 15% growth rates. Chinese manufacturers reported 21% revenue increase, higher than 16% in 2013.

It is estimated that Chinese package market will increase 15% in 2015 and still be fairly competitive, especially in lighting packaging area where it is still difficult to improve. Under such circumstances, packaging manufacturers are actively expanding production, the industry restructure will increase.