Chinese LED exporters benefiting from rapid AEC developments

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ASEAN sets a goal that setting up the "ASEAN Economic Community" this year. The establishment of the ASEAN Community envisions the ASEAN to be a single market and production base. Besides, the Southeast Asian nations achieved rapid economic growth, and invested hugely in infrastructure construction, also policy is very attractive, so the industry is optimistic about the growth of LED lighting in Southeast Asian nations.

ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has lots of specific objectives; the important ones that can promote the Chinese LED manufacturers to enter the Southeast Asian market include free movement of goods, investment and labor, freer flow of capital, and transportation facilities construction.

The establishment of FTA and the Economic Community has brought a lot of favorable policies for Chinese LED exporters, which provides entry point for Chinese LED manufacturers to access the ASEAN market, while different manufacturers should adopt corresponding specific strategies.

For example, lighting OEM should put more focus on the direct export of finished products to the local market, and adopt new transporting way to reduce transportation time and distance. For lighting brands, they can set up a single agent or offices in the Southeast Asian market, and invest in building local factories, regarding Southeast Asia as a manufacturing base. Different manufacturers of LED industry chain should seize the current golden opportunity to enter the Southeast Asian market, broadening the highly anticipated emerging market.