China panel makers to promote the production of high-end applications

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According to ab observations, China panel makers are continuing to move toward production of TFT Oxide displays for use in large-size applications except AMOLED. The ab observations believes will still need time to develop before becoming readily available due to complications with OLED material lifespan and production.

China panel makers traditionally focused on small-size to medium-size panel production but is shifting its focus to include Ultra HD (4K) TV panels except various high-end and niche displays for use in the vehicle, medical and industrial segments that are expected to use the technology as the company aims to increase profitability through value-added products.

China panel makers also noted they recognize there may be an oversupply in the large-size TFT LCD segment due to ongoing expansions of 8.5G facilities, and hence are now starting to aim for higher profit, value-added technologies aimed at the high-end panel segment.