China cheap LED lights be a threat to Korea LED makers

<< Go Back Posted By:administrator on Mar 13,2015in Industry News


Now China LED lights, cheap in price but nice in quality, enjoy a hot-selling in many South Korea's shopping malls and supermarkets. This situation triggers concerns of many Korean LED companies. The selling price of LED lights from SMEs (Small And Medium Enterprises) is nearly 7,000 won, while it costs less than 5,000 won to buy China LED lights in most giant supermarkets. It's really hard for Korea SMEs to compete with such a low price.

It's reported that some China LED lights in Korea market are now 50% off for promotions. In this situation, many Korea domestic lighting products will probably be withdrew if they could not get out of this dilemma.

In addition, some Korea supermarkets even undersell China LED lights with their own labels. It not only increases the profit of Korea distribution companies, but also helps improve market occupation in Korea. However, this will be a great challenge for many small and medium companies. Moreover, except China products, many lighting products from other countries are entering Korea market. If no better countermeasure or strategy is carried out, these companies would probably collapse or go bankrupt in future.