Changshu exported LED phosphor powder valuing $12 million in 2014

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According to statistics, Changshu city (located in Jiangsu Province, China), has totally exported 16,063 kilograms of LED phosphor powder valuing $12.02 million in 2014.

The city exported green and yellow phosphors last year, export ratio was 51.4% and 48.6% respectively based on total weight shipped. Main destinations of the city’s LED phosphor powder exports include Hong Kong and U.S., which amounted to 50% and 47.9%. Green LED phosphor powders from Changshu on average were priced 4.6 times higher than yellow phosphor powder last year.

The the Changshu Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau had adopted electronic systems to approve LED phosphor powder exports and to monitor the local phosphor powder industry.