Analysis of Russian LED Lighting Market Cash Flow

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Aside from language barriers, cash flows is one of the essential information that foreign companies need to acquire when entering any new market. There are no particular cash flow regulations for “entering the market”, this is mainly dependent on the type of company established, and there are some differences in the lowest capital.

As for cash wired abroad, the Russian government has not implemented any Foreign Exchange Control regulations. Which means that foreign manufacturers can wire cash back to their home countries freely without facing monetary regulations. In a word, Russia may appear as a closed-market, but the market is actually more liberal than many Asian countries when it comes to channeling finances and wiring money abroad.

The Russian market is very friendly towards foreign firms, with few policy regulations or cash flows restrictions, thus foreign manufacturers can more flexibly establish companies and business models. The key to success and increasing local sales will be how LED lighting manufacturers create value, and find local companies to build long term partnerships.