Highly Recommend! WELLMAX's Radar Sensor LED Makes Smart Lighting Easy

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All for your convenience, WELLMAX has developed this fabulous product to provide you a new smart lighting experience. With it, light will come and go automatically. When you draw near, it will light up only for your presence; when you walk away, it will light off just for your cost. All these happens without any of your action, helping you to save energy and the operation trouble to turn on or turn off, especially at some awkward time or place, say midnight in corridor, garage or bathroom. 

Compact design but wide application, elegant shape but reliable performance. Radar Sensor LED Bulb is another masterpiece containing a lot of our considerations on consumers' needs, and that’s why we highly recommend to you!

For product details, please click the link: http://wellmaxgroup.com/portfolio/Radar-Induction-Ballet-LED-Bulb

For the inquiry, please contact us via email: info@wellmaxgroup.com

Radar Sensor LED Bulb