One of WELLMAX's Most Potential Distributors' Revenue is Doubling Every Year

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Because of the declining profits caused by the price war, a lighting importer in Africa with over 10 years' experience in the industry and mature wholesale channels nearly gave up his business. To increase sales, he first developed his own lighting brand and then became an agent for other brands, but neither went well. These two failures made him realize that lack of brand influence and outdated products would keep him locked in the price war. So, he came to China many times in search of a trustworthy partner to help him make a difference.

Everything comes to him who waits. Through the advertisement at the Canton Fair, he met WELLMAX, the LED Bulb Expert with more than 30 years' experiences in the lighting industry. At first, he was drawn to Samsung brand empowerment. However, after he learned about WELLMAX's products, he was impressed by the high-quality standard and technology innovation of this company.

As he saw great potential in the market for the WELLMAX brand, he decided to become an authorized distributor and only focus on this brand.


Since systematic marketing support strengthened WELLMAX brand recognition in Africa, their sales are doubling every year. Now, they have become one of WELLMAX's most important distributors in Africa and are about to open a flagship store in their country. More than a distributor, they are loyal fans of WELLMAX brand and achieve a win-win relationship with WELLMAX.

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