Operating Dual-brand, This LED Trader Become NO.1 in the Local Online Market

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With the increasing penetration rate of LED products in the market, the competition between LED brands is also becoming fiercer than ever, causing a severe price war throughout the industry. One of our clients from South America faced the same challenge. The client has distributors all over the country, but he was forced to maintain market share only by cutting prices due to the weakness of the brand influence.


Through the 2017 Spring Canton Fair, they got to know WELLMAX by the distinctive brand image. According to their situation, our sales team developed a strategy, operating dual-brand for different levels of customers: his private brand for the economical line; WELLMAX brand takes the middle-and-high-end line.


This strategy has allowed them to successfully move upmarket and attract more consumers with WELLMAX high-quality products and Samsung brand empowerment. Until now, 80 % of their sales are from WELLMAX brand. Even during the COVID-19, when offline businesses take a hit, they seized the opportunity to grow and become NO.1 in the local online sales channels. They are very grateful for WELLMAX Global Distribution Program to help them get rid of low-price competition and build brand identity.

WELLMAX Global Distributor Program