With WELLMAX's Exclusive Support, This Company's Annual Revenue is Boosted to TOP 5

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In the highly competitive LED market, even experienced trading companies will encounter bottlenecks. A leading trading company in Asia was in such a crisis. They are an agent of a top German lighting brand and have developed three of their own lighting brands for different market levels; however, they reflected with us the difficulty in breaking through sales at the middle- and high- end line since their brand influence is relatively local and the products are too ordinary in the market.


Exclusive Support from Global Distributor Program

1. Samsung Brand Empowerment

2. Marketing Material

3. Tailored Product Recommendation

4. Latest LED Technology Update

The client has been purchasing from us with their own brand for the last 10 years. When they noticed that we were promoting WELLMAX Global Distributor Program globally with exclusive support such as SAMSUNG brand, tailored product planning and global marketing service. They immediately joined the program, aiming to establish a strong brand differentiation and improve product competitiveness. So, they integrated other brands for the economical line and introduced WELLMAX brand for mid and high-end market.


After two years cooperation, WELLMAX brand + SAMSUNG brand has helped them win the trust of more resellers and consumers. Last year, they overtook rivals and moved into Top 5 in his market. In the next few years, they are determined to make WELLMAX No. 1 in the local market.

WELLMAX Global Distributor Program