5 creative lighting applications and adventurous new forms

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From modern day lanterns to daylight simulating wall lamps, a quick survey of recent lighting trends highlights how LED technology has transformed the industry with creative new lighting applications and adventurous new forms.

1. New Nomads: Catering to a new young generation of globe trotters, the past year has seen the launch of a plethora of portable lighting designs that can move with us from place to place.

2. Super Minimal: As well as fuelling the creation of lightweight portable designs, LEDs have provided an opportunity for designers to experiment with increasingly slim forms with impossibly precise and delicate fixtures.

3. Healing: LEDs are changing not only the shape of lighting but also the quality of light created. While early LEDs were only able to throw out a cold blue-ish glare, the latest incarnations are able to create any color and temperature of light.

4. Creative Composites: As predicted in our 2014 trend forecast, this year has presented a number of adventurous new lampshades made from some unexpected materials – particularly those made from pressed fibres and reused waste products.

5. Immersive: This deeper understanding of our emotional connection to light is also evident in new kinetic designs, that turn using a lamp into an immersive experience.