2nd-tier China LED chip makers to start price war

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As Taiwanese LED chip makers have taken technological lead in producing flip chips for use in direct-type backlighting of LCD TVs and global demand for LED chips used in traditional LCD TV backlighting has approached saturation, second-tier China LED makers have seen orders decrease and therefore are likely to start a price war soon.

South Korean LCD TV vendors adopted LED flip chips for direct-type backlighting in 2014 and Chinese vendors have followed suit since 2015. Currently, 20% of LCD TVs are backlit using LED flip chips.

LED lighting is constantly improving in efficacy, energy efficiency, and light quality. These improvements make LED the ideal choice for a number of applications. Many LEDs are now rated 70lm at 100,000 hours, meaning they maintain 70% of their initial light output after 100,000 hours of use. Compared to traditional light sources, this drastically reduces the maintenance required for the luminaire. LEDs are also increasing in lumens per watt, making them more energy-efficient while achieving a greater light output.